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Welcome to Colors of the Ozarks. This year I am going to explore the idea that there are many quiet and perhaps even silent people that walk among us. They are unsung and maybe even not even known. They walked in our past, they walk with us now in quantum worlds, and worlds that are easy to define. They will probably be our escort into our future worlds. This year I am going to build links that may lead us all into a maze of odds and ends. It is my hope that you will join me and respond to my mutterings with notes about people who have influenced you, and places that inspire you. Every other week or so I will make major changes to the home page and the secondary pages. Welcome to http://www.hazellarts.com as we link up other sites and explore. write me hereVisit my new web site that is going up now. kindness blog Email me with short stories.

Lebanon Missouri and the surrounding area is a place of unforgettable people and breathtaking beauty. Here in the Lebanon area we are in the heart of the Ozarks with sights and sounds unique to Missouri. Diverse wildlife, and rich woodlands are just a part of what makes Laclede County unique. We celebrate our culture with a wide variety of community events.

When you visit the Ozarks you will discover a friendly and interesting people. You will most likely discover places that will be etched into your memories, and into your heart. Take time to find yourself floating down one of our many peaceful waterways, maybe even do a little fishing. Find a journey through one of the many hiking trails that wander past natural springs and old abandon castles.

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